70002189 Move Model entities to an other Document

Article 70002189
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 9003
Date Added 4/1/2022 12:00:00 AM
Fixed 10.1001.0.1 (4/1/2022 12:00:00 AM)
Submitted by Wayne Romer


Move Model entities to an other Document with out clone to new instances


In version 1001.0.1 we modify VDF so it can move Model entities from one document to an other with out need to clone into new instances
See following example

//create a new temporary document that will be used to open an existing file
VectorDraw.Professional.Components.vdDocumentComponent dc = new VectorDraw.Professional.Components.vdDocumentComponent();
object nfile = dc.Document.GetOpenFileNameDlg(0, "", 0);//select an existing file
if (nfile == null) return;
//open the existing file from the temporary document
if (!dc.Document.Open(nfile.ToString())) return;
vdDocument todocument = doc;
vdDocument fromdocument = dc.Document;
//set the destination document to be able to recover duplicate object handles
vdDocument.OpenFlagsEnum openflag = todocument.Openflags;
todocument.Openflags |= vdDocument.OpenFlagsEnum.RecoverAll;
//enumerate all source document model entities and move each one to the destination document model entities
   //begin from the last in the collection to the first one
   vdFigure fig = fromdocument.Model.Entities.Last;
    if (fig == null) break;
    //remove the entity from the source model
    //add the object instance to the destination model entities
    //keep the source Guid handle of the source document to the destination if it is possible.
    if (todocument.FileProperties.UseGuidHandleTable) todocument.HandleTableGuid.SetObjectGuid(fig, fromdocument.HandleTableGuid.GetObjectGuid(fig));
    //keep the source object handle of the source document to the destination if it is possible.
    todocument.RegisterObjectHandle(fig, null);
 } while (fromdocument.Model.Entities.Count > 0);
 todocument.Openflags = openflag;
//dispose and clear the memory from the temporary source document
 dc = null;
//do a redraw to see the results
 doc.ZoomExtents(); doc.Redraw(true);

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