60000734 MouseMove event is not compatible with Delphi

Article 60000734
Type Bug
Product Engine
Version 6014
Date Added 1/12/2009
Fixed (1/13/2009)
Submitted by Ben van den Heever


MouseMove event is not compatible with Delphi. Delphi crashes when the cursor enters the graphical area.


Fixed in 6015.


A new property DisableMouseStockEvents was added in vdraw control

Disables the events (MouseMove, MouseDown, MouseUp)
This property was created to solve problems encountered in delphi environments. For Delphi users: Use CoordMouseMove, LeftMouseButtonDown.

Valid values :
   TRUE : Disabled mouse events
   FALSE : Enabled mouse events

default value is FALSE.Delphi users must set it to TRUE.

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