60000772 Issues using the CreateInstance with Wrapper and collection items

Article 60000772
Type Bug
Product Engine
Version 6014
Date Added 2/10/2009
Fixed (2/10/2009)
Submitted by Paul Sajecki


I cannot use the CreateInstance method (with Wrapper) and collection items like OBJ_BLOCK, OBJ_DISTYLE, OBJ_TEXTSTYLE, like : Dim textStyle As vdrawi5.vdTextstyleSet textStyle = VDraw1.CreateInstance(vdrawi5.VdConstObjectType_tag.OBJ_TEXTSTYLE) Dim block As vdrawi5.vdBlockSet block = VDraw1.CreateInstance(vdrawi5.VdConstObjectType_tag.OBJ_BLOCK)


Fixed in 6015.

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