60000826 VectorDraw grid issue with getting selectedobject and Clear

Article 60000826
Type Bug
Product Engine
Version 6014
Date Added 3/20/2009
Fixed (3/24/2009)
Submitted by Frank Louis


VectorDraw grid issue with getting selectedobject and Clear1) I can't read/access the SelectedObject property from gridcontrol without an error or crash in Powerbuilder or VB(A).2) Changes to Readonly property can be done only once with visible effect. Same with the new FilterReadOnlyProperty. Once a type is changed (isreadonly) then this event is no more fired for this type,after a new assign of SelectedObject. If the method Clear() also reset the internal state then I can get control over it.


1) Fixed in 6015.

2) In version 6015 Clear method of vdGrid object also clears the Property Descriptor Types and the ReadOnly property or grid events can be reseted.

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