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Vectordraw Developers Framework and vdRay Trial

If you are already a VDF client you should download the Full version of this setup even if you want to evaluate this product.

The full installation of all VectorDraw Developers Framework and Ray Tracing in evaluation mode. This setup is intended only for new Vectordraw users. This setup is a full solution that includes VectorDraw Developers framework and also vdRay add-on library. Includes also help.

{ 10.1005.1.1 } Unlocked 110 MB 12 Jan 2024

VectorDraw Web Library Trial

Contains samples, getting start guides, vdfCAD application and the web control with evaluation background.

{ 10.1005.1.1 } Unlocked 60 MB 12 Jan 2024

VectorDraw Samples and Help files

This zip file includes all VDF and vdRay samples for the .NET libraries (C# and VB.NET), samples for the VDF wrapper ActiveX, and help materials and getting started guides.

{ 10.1005.1.1 } Unlocked 200MB 12 Jan 2024

VectorDraw File Converter Evaluation Application

VectorDraw File Converter is an end-user application utility that gives you the ability to convert the most commonly used drawing documents (.DWG, .DGN and .DXF files) to the new VectorDraw format standards (VDCL, VDML) and vice versa.

{ 4 build 10.1005.1.1 } Unlocked 65 MB 12 Jan 2024