Quick review

VectorDraw produces software for developers and the main goal of our products is to help developers create applications with 2D/3D graphics. Below you can read a quick description of our components. The goal of this guide is to give you (specially if you come here for the first time) a quick description of the advantages that our components can provide to you and your developer team and also their usage.

VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) :

Vectordraw Developers Framework is a suite of components that can fullfill all your needs. Manages(Import/export) a big range of formats and geometrical shapes in all windows operating systems. Hi-performance rendering with low memory cost, Developing flexibility (lots of events , methods , Object-Oriented Framework) which is fully customizable.It contains control and components that can be added to your application forms.

By becoming an annual subscriber of VectorDraw Developers Framework you will also get the following components

  • vdIFC : which mainly manages IFC format
    Supports import / export IFC3,IFC4 with it's Space and Building logic.
     We provide Source Code for a Wall custom object , full parametirized with openings and   visual user  action that can be used within VectorDraw Developer Framework.
  • vdRay : which produces high quality rendering scenes

Main Technical benefits of VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF)

  • Many supported formats import and export (more information here)
  • You can create windows forms applications using all .net framework versions including NET core 6.
  • You can easily have a complete drawing editor with all kwown cad commands, in a just few lines of code where you can add your own business logic commands.
  • 32 and 64bit Window OS from XP and up.
  • Develop with: .NET FrameWork 2.0 and above, C#, VB.NET.
    C++ managed/unmanaged,ActiveX containers ,Delphi , VB6(wrapper ocx component).
    sepparated  WPF Control.
  • Easy Distribution Side by Side(SxS) -or- ready retargetable Merged Modules
  • Uses High perfomance rendering engine 3d and 2d
    Render, Hide , Shade ,Wire and Wire2d modes
  • Full object oriented very similar to AutoCAD DWG/DXF Object model.
  • Open files from URL location.
  • Primitive shapes
    1. Line Polyline(with curves), SPline, MultiLine(DoubleLine), Rectangle, Circle, Arc, Ellipse.
    2. Text, MText, ArcAlignedText (TrueType and SHX Fonts).
    3. Dimensions (Linear, Leader ,Oriented, Anglular, Diameter, Radial with a large range of properties).
    4. Infinity Lines, XRAY.
    5. Images
    6. BlockRefence (Inserts)
    7. 3d object surfaces with slice/clip and boolean oparations(3dFACE POLYFACE).
    8. GroundSurface with Mapped Images (A group of Points that produce a Polyface using Delanoy algorithm).
    9. Point PointClound (Fast drawing of huge amount of points with low memory cost).
    10. HATCH(Support 2d Boolean operations Intersect,Difference ,Union etc and with a large range of Hatch styles or user defined styles).
    11. User Defined Entities(tools for developers to create their own parametarized shapes in a easy and flexible way)
  • Extended Data (XProperties) for all objects.
  • Table objects that primitives are refenced to in order to manage their detailed drawing representation)
    Layers, Blocks, Textstyles, Dimstyles, Linetypes(User customizable), Hatchpatterns(User customizable), Multilinestyles, Images,Colors Palette.
  • High performance selection engine and mouse over entity detections. Selectionsets and Filter Selection object.
  • Material Images Rendering.
  • Lights for Render and Shade rendering modes with shadows support.
  • Section Cliping.
  • Paper space layouts with viewports that reference the drawing model entities with editing capabilities inside viewports.
  • Layout splits which is a multiview layout.
  • Attach External References of all Supported import formats.
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo.
  • Object SNAP (Intersection, End, Mid, Perpedicular, Tangend, Nearset etc...).
  • Object GRIPS and Dynamically move them with visual preview on object changing geometry)
  • Object hyperlinks and tooltips.
  • User Input with Command Line.
  • Commands Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Erase, Trim, Break, Fillet, Explode, Pan, 3dorbit etc...
  • Standard actions that wait user input for a point , reference point , selection of entities or input keyboard text. Also provide tools to developers to create their own custom actions.
  • Active User Coordinating System that drawing commands reference to.
  • Default user dialogs for drawing editing.
  • User defined units (Inches, metric etc...).
  • Full customized and globalized properties list for all Objects ,globalization capability of all resources.
  • Ruler Object around the drawing area.
  • Cursor functions such as Grid, Snap, Ortho, Polartrack, Extension.
  • Printing to specified paper sizes and scale and exporting to default Printers, PDF ,Raster Images, SVG, WMF, EMF, HPGL.Print Preview  and multi-page print jobs.
  • A lot of source code examples and a free CAD editor.

Additionally to the above components that can be used to create ,net forms applications we also provide a Web Control that can be used in a web application in order to show-edit your drawings to a webpage.

This is a stand alone javascript canvas component that can be added to all browsers that support HTML5 and up , can be used in all operating systems and devices even smart phones. It manages drawings exported by VDF to .vds format and contains same object model as VDF.

Main technical benefirs of Web Control

  • Supports scripting to record user commands into a string blob that can be sent or read to or from a server.
  • High performance rendering engine 2D and 3D
  • Contains  a main document with same properties as VDF Document.
  • Most primitives and table objects of VDF are also supported.
  • Supports material images rendering.
  • Supports Section cliping.
  • Supports paper space layouts with viewports.
  • Supports user input. Default commands Move, Copy , Rotate , Scale , Erase , Line , Polyline , Circle , Dimension , InsertBlock , Pan , 3DOrbit
  • Standard actions that wait user input for a point , reference point , selection of entities or input keyboard text.
  • Undo-Redo
  • Object Tooltips and URL quick links.
  • Printing to specified paper sizes and scale and exporting as image object.
  • Samples
  • You can check vdrawbox that is a full working example of the web control among with a service that utilizes VDF to convert various formats into VDS and show them to the browser.

To all our developer products we provide

  • Full product evaluation and pre-sale support
  • Frequent upgrades including client wishes , improvements and bug fixes.
  • Support with a 24 hour notice.
  • Royalty free (no additional cost other than purchase and renewals is requested).
  • Source code escrow

Our only end-user application is the Vectordraw File Converter. This application is not intended for developers but mainly for users that want to convert their drawings from one supported format to another. Vectordraw file converter is not included in Vectordraw Developers Framework suite and can be purchased separatelly.