VectorDraw File Converter


VectorDraw File Converter is an end-user application that gives you the ability to convert the most commonly used drawing documents (.DWG, .DGN and .DXF files) to the new VectorDraw format standards (VDML, VDCL) and vice versa. The utility exports the above graphic files to PDF, SVG and .DWF file formats. VectorDraw File Converter can also undertake multiple file conversions (e.g. *.dwg to *.vdml or *.dxf and vise versa). VectorDraw FileConverter Full has also the ability to export drawings into PDF documents.

Using this application, you can also choose the version of the format in which the drawing document will be exported (e.g. .DWG 2010 file, VDCL, .DXF version 14, .DGN file version 8 etc)

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We provide this software application into two versions File Converter LITE and File Converter Full.

The Full File Converter has the following features :

  • Supports Export of .DWG files version 12, 14, 2000, 2004 and 2007. Support Import of the above and also 2010 format.
  • Supports Export of .DXF files version 12, 14, 2000, 2004. Support Import of the above and also 2007 , 2010 format.
  • Supports Import/Export of .DGN files version 8
  • Supports older Vectordraw File Formats.
  • Supports Export to PDF files.
  • Supports Export to .DWF files from version 4.2 to 6 (Binary and ASCII)
  • Supports Export to .SVG files
  • Supports Export to WMF , EMF Formats.
  • Supports Export to BMP , GIF , JPG , TIF , PNG.
  • Converts a file or a whole directory of files from any type to any type
  • Option to save or not  the preview image of the exported files (if available from the format standard)
  • Option to export all distribution files (External References XREFS, etc to the export folder)

The LITE File Converter version has the following Limitations

  • TheLite File converter does not support direct convertion between the formats supports only convertion to VDML/VDCL (native Vectordraw Format).You can convert a DGN file in a DWG file like this : You will have to convert the .DGN file to a VDCL/VDML file (step 1) and then this new VDCL/VDML file to a .DWG file (step 2)
  • Does not support Folder convertion of all files to a specific Format.
  • Does not support Export of All Distribution Files.

Both setups contain a common Help File Documentation.