VectorDraw Ray Tracing Engine (vdRay)

VectorDraw Ray Tracing Engine(vdRay) is an add-on library to the VectorDraw Developers Framework that gives you the ability to export photo-realistic images from your application. Easy and simple , vdRay will help you create nice images and also videos from your vdml files. Simply add some materials to your 3d objects , adjust the lighting , camera and export an image that supports shadows , mirrors , reflections and more.
VdRay comes to fulfill the request for better rendering output from VectorDraw Developers Framework 3D engine.

Using the vdRay you will be able to export images like below from your application very easily.Please check also our samples that demonstrate the capabilities of this library.
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Help Files and Examples


vdRay Image Library


The VectorDraw Ray Tracing Engine -vdRay- is a component that can create photorealistic images using ray tracing algorithms. Through the Vector Draw component, all the existing vdDraw documents and drawings can be rendered taking into consideration certain properties such as reflection, transparency, surface roughness etc. The vdRay component is very easy to use and the visual benefits are more than impressive. Effects that can't be created with the current Vector Draw render machine (shadows, glass objects, mirrors and more) are now possible.

What you should know about vdRay:

  • The export of this library is mainly bitmap images(jpg,png,tiff,bmp,gif) and also a vdrv format which is a Vectordraw video format(Check our samples for usage).
  • This product does not have a different license it follows the VDF annual license.
  • This product is provided with the Vectordraw Developers Framework subscription.
  • Also vdRay (as VDF is) is royalty free which means that we do not obtain additional fees except the initial cost and renewals of the VectorDraw Developers Framework.

We are willing to answer all your questions at regarding this product. Feel free to contact with us for any reason.