ActiveX Web Sample (requires IE)

This is a simple sample on how to use the ActiveX VectorDraw VDF Professional 6.x Wrapper inside the Internet Explorer 6. In this sample the Wrapper 6.x runs on the local machine and opens drawings from a network location with a valid LicVal. The sample has two "modes", the simple one that works like a simple CAD viewer with a right-mouse-button pop-up menu and a advance view were all the properties are visible and also the VectorDraw menu. In this mode the VDF Wrapper works like a CAD editor. The change simple to advance view and vice versa can be done by checking/unchecking the check box on the left. The user can also open drawings from the local disk in his machine. Save/SaveAs is disabled.

If the VDF components are not install on the machine then a signed cab file that contains the setup of the VDF components will be downloaded and run, and will install all the necessary files. Click on the image on the left to open a new Internet Explorer window that will load the VDF 6.x Wrapper web sample.

The .NET 2.0 run time libraries and Internet Explorer 6 and above is required