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Getting Started With VDF



Info Getting Started with VectorDraw Developer Framework 6.x - vdFramedControl 6.0 20-Jun-2007
Info Getting Started with VectorDraw Developer Framework 6.x Wrapper 6.0 02-May-2007
Info Getting Started with CAD 6.0 20-Jun-2007
Info Installing and using the VDF libraries in Vista/Seven/Server2008/Windows8/10 and in 64bit Windows 6.0 27-Sep-2007
Info Issues installing VDF dev setup and FileConverter 8.0 30-Oct-2018

Redistributing your applications

Info Redistribute vdf libraries for version 8 , 9 , 10
8.0 24-Oct-2018
Info New  Features and Major changes in version 6020 (Redistribution/.DGN files/Build  Options) 6.6020 20-Jun-2007
Info AnyCPU package and side by side (SxS) installation * Updated for 6020 * 6.0 27-Aug-2009
Info Creating ClickOnce Installation 6.6020 27-Aug-2009
Info Redistributing your VDF-enabled application - for older versions - 6.6019 and previous 6.0 02-May-2011

Using VDF components (.NET & ActiveX) in WEB applications

Info Using VDF in a web service 6.0 21-Feb-2008
Info VDF ActiveX Web Sample (requires Internet Explorer 6.0 & above) 6.0 21-Feb-2008
Info Using the VDF Wrapper component inside Internet Explorer 6.6005 21-Feb-2008
Info Creating your own CAB 6.0 27-Nov-2007
Info Handling ActiveX events through Javascript(vbscript) 6.0 27-Nov-2007

General F.A.Q.

Info VectorDraw Developers Framework general capabilities 6.0 07-Feb-2007
Info Where can I find the DLLs to add them in VS 2005/2008 ? 6.0 07-Feb-2007
Info Globalization of Resources 6.0 07-Feb-2007

Other interesting articles

  HowTo : How can I use new objects and features with the wrapper component 6.0 09-Jul-2007
  HowTo : Multi Page PDF Export 6.6019 02-May-2010
  HowTo : DisplayFrames and PropertyGrid sample (VC++ 6.0) 6.6006 02-May-2010
  HowTo : Texts, fonts and SHX fonts 6.0 02-May-2010
  HowTo : Export Drawing to raster images or to PDF/EMF/SVG/HPGL files using printer 6.6019 13-Oct-2010
  HowTo : How can I add the VDF Wrapper (vdraw.ocx) component in a unmanaged VC++ 2005/2008/2010 project 6.6019 13-Oct-2010

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