All Articles for version [6008]

     Bug : 60000228 Anonymus blocks are not shown
     Wish : 60000013 Boundary Select with one point
     Wish : 60000039 New Property : Support Measurement and INSUNITS variable.
     Wish : 60000050 Add "renaming" feature in Layers dialog
     Wish : 60000186 New Form:Editable FrozenLayerList in the PropertiesList of vdViewport
     Wish : 60000192 New Method : PostExecuteCommand of vdCommandLine component.
     Wish : 60000193 New Property : TimerBreakForDraw
     Wish : 60000201 ChangeOrder to be written in undo/redo Modification History
     Wish : 60000214 3DSPlines not correctly defined
     Wish : 60000216 ToolTip of vdDocument
     Wish : 60000217 Change the View to current UCS
     Wish : 60000220 Possibility to use SaveToMemory CreateFromMemory within the wrapper with compressed data.
     Wish : 60000221 New options in CmdSelect
     Wish : 60000222 Load Label property from objects that where saved from vdraw in DWG format.
     Wish : 60000223 Curent Number format of Current Culture not to be changed
     Wish : 60000225 Selection Mode in order to select only one shape at a time
     Wish : 60000226 PostCommandId method and CommandId event
     General : 60000212 Korean text is not saved correctly in DWG.
     Bug : 60000187 Clipcopy to capture VD entities and then paste in Microsoft apps. like excel and word.
     Bug : 60000188 DWG polyline's width is not opened correctly.
     Bug : 60000189 Error when saving paterns in DXF
     Bug : 60000190 Delphi developers with MouseDown, MouseMove, MouseUp events
     Bug : 60000195 Polyline Polyhatches with bulges are not saved correctly in DXF.
     Bug : 60000196 When exploding a vd3dface, the vdpolyline it becomes only have 3 of the 4 points of the fac
     Bug : 60000197 GetEntityFromPOINT method on vdImages objects.
     Bug : 60000199 Union function problem
     Bug : 60000203 Wrong offset side when using offset on a polyline with bulge.
     Bug : 60000206 When the fillcolor of a hatch is TRUE COLOR 255,255,255 and saved in DWG then the color bec
     Bug : 60000209 EnableAutoGripOn looses its value after open/new
     Bug : 60000211 When on CmdPolyline zoom in and out makes the polyline invisible.Also .end .cen osnap comma
     Bug : 60000215 CmdMirror with MirrorText = false
     Bug : 60000227 Textstyle problem in DXF
     Bug : 60000229 Select Fence with small rect when zoom is very big
     Bug : 60000230 CommandAction draw commands when coordinates are far away from screen coordinates
     Bug : 60000232 Problem with vdInfinityLine in some views