All Articles for version [6015]

     Wish : 60000720 Support ShowHatches property of ActiveDocument
     Wish : 60000807 Compatibility of Dimension TextHeight with DWG DXF VDF VDI formats
     Bug : 60000741 DXF/DWG proxy entities are not displayed correct
     Bug : 60000757 Dimension Objects in DWG are not added to the document
     Bug : 60000784 Polyfaces are saved with wrong color in DWG format
     Bug : 60000846 vdPolylines with SplineFlag SFlagFITTING and vertexList count less than 3 cannot be saved a
     Bug : 60000717 Hatch is not read correct from DXF
     Wish : 60000299 Group object
     Wish : 60000655 Property Grid whishes
     Wish : 60000721 We need method to save/load a document to/from a string that represents a Compress memory s
     Wish : 60000724 Change Pan and View3D VROT cursors in the resources
     Wish : 60000732 Support Knots for vdPolyline object.
     Wish : 60000733 cmdImage to show the image while user pick the point
     Wish : 60000742 Add the ability to cmdMtextEdit to accept a vdMtext object
     Wish : 60000743 Reduce vdFigure memory size
     Wish : 60000744 Add the Printer.SelectPaper "DEFAULT-PAPER"
     Wish : 60000746 Area method for vdPolyFace and vd3dFace objects
     Wish : 60000748 Ruler wishes
     Wish : 60000749 Export the tooltip display options in wrapper
     Wish : 60000751 cmdTrim improvements with polylines
     Wish : 60000756 Exception translation messages
     Wish : 60000759 Ability to save VDI files of version 4.6
     Wish : 60000765 cmdImage to accept also a vdImage object
     Wish : 60000771 Access the UserText of CommandLine in Wrapper
     Wish : 60000776 A global Document property to enable/disable groups
     Wish : 60000780 cmdTrim issues with circle
     Wish : 60000781 Show Tooltip in a distance from cursor
     Wish : 60000789 Ability to enable/disable the explode on custom objects when saved in vdml/vdcl format.
     Wish : 60000804 Limit for Ruler fractional display value
     Wish : 60000811 Undo Group to be able to have a string to describe the undo and redo actions
     Wish : 60000814 Update of new added LineTypes objects is missing
     Wish : 60000820 Ability to get the printer paper in DU
     Wish : 60000823 An application settings to select a user pixel format for OpenGL
     General : 60000782 Improvement of rendering speed
     General : 60000802 CmdFillet improvements with arc and line
     General : 60000808 Fillet issues
     Bug : 60000707 PDF issues
     Bug : 60000715 The hatch dialog looses the Gradiant settings after Preview
     Bug : 60000727 Hatching issues
     Bug : 60000734 MouseMove event is not compatible with Delphi
     Bug : 60000735 VDF drawing cannot be saved as DWG file
     Bug : 60000738 vdDimension draw issues.
     Bug : 60000745 MoveAfter and MoveBefore commands of vdLayers and vdLayouts collections error in Wrapper
     Bug : 60000747 Image with rotation not saved correct in DWG
     Bug : 60000750 Dimension object UserBlock subentities are ignored when Inserted inside a block
     Bug : 60000758 Landscape do not work in preview
     Bug : 60000760 cmdSlice problem
     Bug : 60000762 WMF open problem with arcs and text rotations
     Bug : 60000764 FilterSelect problem with groups (vdGroup) of entities
     Bug : 60000766 Undo of changeOrder action throws an exception
     Bug : 60000768 Mtext vertical orientation problem with DWG
     Bug : 60000770 Dispose of the vdRender issue
     Bug : 60000772 Issues using the CreateInstance with Wrapper and collection items
     Bug : 60000773 vdMText issue with special format string
     Bug : 60000774 BaseAction Loop problems
     Bug : 60000775 CmdArrayRectangular problem in AfterAddItem
     Bug : 60000778 LayerDialog display issue in Vista
     Bug : 60000785 ExportPictureToFile saves the image always in PNG format
     Bug : 60000787 Previous() method on vdArray does not return the first object of the collection
     Bug : 60000793 Command Action problems when ruler is visible
     Bug : 60000795 VertexList information of vdPolyline not record on Undohistory after CmdExtend command
     Bug : 60000796 Limmits property of vdLayout is not properly adding in the UndoHistory
     Bug : 60000799 Pressing the ESC key display cancel message twice on CommandLine
     Bug : 60000800 Executing the pan, show the coordinates value on history textbox of CommandLine
     Bug : 60000805 cmdDim coordinates are passed in WCS
     Bug : 60000809 Filled polyline is not correctly draw
     Bug : 60000810 offset problem with specific polylines
     Bug : 60000813 Arrow Keys in VB6 do not fire the KeyDown event
     Bug : 60000815 Error when saving MTEXT in VDF file format
     Bug : 60000817 Exporting emf files with entities color same as background
     Bug : 60000818 ViewMaximized property of Viewport object is not working properly
     Bug : 60000826 VectorDraw grid issue with getting selectedobject and Clear
     Bug : 60000832 Setting a deleted table to an undeleted figure causes trouble
     Bug : 60000834 OnProgress event of vdDocument is not firing when open or save dgn dwf vdi vdp file formats
     Bug : 60000835 vdInfinityLine IntersectWith issue
     Bug : 60000841 Memory grows up when geting grips of polylines