All Articles for version [6021]

     Wish : 60001378 DGN preserve object types when importing exporting a file
     Wish : 60001435 Layers Display On/Off of .DGN files
     Bug : 60001394 String property values that contains characters in hex range 0xD800 - 0xDBFF cannot be save
     Bug : 60001434 FillColor of hatched figures is not saved properly when exporting to a dgn file format
     Bug : 60001444 Problem with vdMtext in DWG
     Bug : 60001447 Hatch is not opened correctly in DXF DWG format
     Bug : 60001448 Image Definitions are not defined properly when open DWG DXF DGN files
     Bug : 60001477 Problem with Tolerance object of DXF files
     Bug : 60001480 Embedded image of DXF file is not shown properly in Windows XP
     Bug : 60001497 Wrong order of hatch
     Bug : 60001482 DXF fails to open
     Bug : 60001498 3D objects lose their layer information
     Bug : 60001499 Drawing is not saved properly in DXF
     Wish : 60001206 I would like to light the center Osnap of a circle when the cursor is close to the center o
     Wish : 60001237 Support Linetypes in 3d render modes
     Wish : 60001294 Get the outline boundary (Convex Hull) from a collection of points
     Wish : 60001295 I wish to set the StartPosition to the VectorDraw subforms
     Wish : 60001297 Change icon in the View3d("VROT") command depend on the active rotation directions
     Wish : 60001337 Enable OSnaps of the created polyline object, during execution of CmdPolyline method
     Wish : 60001338 Draw always black wireframe in ShadeON mode
     Wish : 60001346 Improve the speed of getOsnapPoints for vdPolyface objects with SolidBase Selectmode
     Wish : 60001392 Explode an Insert with ProxyFigure Inside does not show the Proxy after the operation
     Wish : 60001395 Is it possible to add cmdEditText to the commands
     Wish : 60001405 Support of un-named groups
     Wish : 60001408 Support Grayscale for rendering and print output
     Wish : 60001414 A property to control the lighting smoothness of polyfaces
     Wish : 60001417 gPoint.DistanceFromLine, Globals.LineNearestTo, Globals.PointOnLine and Globals.PointOnLine
     Wish : 60001421 OpenFlags property of vdDocument cannot be asigned in vb.NET
     Wish : 60001424 Enter on command line to not run "Open" command
     Wish : 60001426 StrechText to work for all rotations
     Wish : 60001429 Disable the drawing of Rubber Band line with actions
     Wish : 60001445 Is it possible to choose the clipboard formats in cmdClipCopy, cmdClipPaste
     Wish : 60001456 Support non breaking space in vdMtext object
     Wish : 60001462 Many perpendicular points OSnaps
     Wish : 60001466 I wish the transformation of the additional entities while in Mirror command to take place
     Wish : 60001471 Add Break command to vdRect object
     Wish : 60001472 label property is not exported in DXF format
     Wish : 60001487 JobMouseDown event is not fired in Wrapper
     General : 60001493 New sample added to our samples named InvoiceForm
     General : 60001494 New sample has been added in our sample named StatisticsProject
     Bug : 60001403 ToStream method of vdDocument returns incorect results when used with compress mode
     Bug : 60001404 GetFigureAtSegmentIndex method of vdPolyline throws an error
     Bug : 60001409 When the surface has an image mapped onto it other polyline and solids in front are no long
     Bug : 60001410 Getting grip points throws an out-of-index exception
     Bug : 60001411 cmdExtend problem with polyline with bulge
     Bug : 60001412 The x,y,z scales and rotation are ignored in vdInserts with AlignToView = true
     Bug : 60001415 CmdCircle, CmdArc and CmdOffset are working properly in user define co-ordinate system
     Bug : 60001416 Explode vdInsert with vdPolyhatch object with different scale factors
     Bug : 60001419 FrozenLayerList does not work correctly with WindowSelect inside a viewport
     Bug : 60001422 vdText objects with extrusion vector perpendicular to view are not visible
     Bug : 60001423 Union issue with closed polylines that have 4 intersect points
     Bug : 60001428 PrintOut method of vdPrint object export wrong paper size for raster Images and emf format
     Bug : 60001437 Elevation is not taken into consideration while opening polylines in DXF files
     Bug : 60001438 Join selection does not return correct result
     Bug : 60001439 cmdOffset is not offseting lines in the correct side
     Bug : 60001442 vdLeader looses connection with vdMText object when ClipCopy and MakeBlock commands take pl
     Bug : 60001449 Tooltip is not displayed in Hatches othen than fillmode Solid
     Bug : 60001451 DXF file with ordinate dimension cannot be opened
     Bug : 60001452 vdRect is not saved in DXF12
     Bug : 60001453 Hatchproperties with Background and forground of palette issue
     Bug : 60001454 If ActionText is active then pan hides the text
     Bug : 60001460 Hatch display issue
     Bug : 60001463 There is an issue when exporting double values to any format when this value contains E-10
     Bug : 60001470 Dwg file does not open
     Bug : 60001474 vdPoint with pointstyle none takes place to the calculation of the Bounding Box of the draw
     Bug : 60001475 getClosestPointTo is not working properly for vdCurves with Extrution Vector other than 0,0
     Bug : 60001476 Explode method for a vdPolyline with SplineFlag other than STANDARD is not working properly
     Bug : 60001481 Acrobat Reader when closing a pdf saved from VectorDraw prompts with a save changes dialog
     Bug : 60001483 PolarTrack ToolTipOffset is ignored
     Bug : 60001488 Selection with EntitySelectMode EyeNearest is not working as expected on some systems
     Bug : 60001491 GetOsnapPoints of vdPolyface returns wrong results
     Bug : 60001501 cdmInsert and cmdImage are not working properly when Ortho is ON
     Bug : 60001503 Hatch inside insert is not displayed properly