All Articles for version [8006]


Wish : 70001820 Support CmdMirror command
Wish : 70001834 Support vdPointCloud object in web control
Wish : 70001835 Export AddImageDefinition method with a loaded callback
Wish : 70001836 New GIS example is added to WebLibrary Samples
Wish : 70001840 Grips and Crossing Select in WebControl
Wish : 70001841 Action graphics context refresh issues
Wish : 70001846 Export Script to memory string data
Wish : 70001848 Action not be hidden when cursor is out of canvas
Wish : 70001849 I would like to display entities after all the entities in ViewCS
Wish : 70001855 VdPolyhatch does not export Clipping Operation on VDS format
Wish : 70001875 Flilter Select method on WebControl
Bug : 70001808 Polyline with thickness not highlighting properly
Bug : 70001819 Transformation is not working when extrutionVector is undefined


Bug : 70001813 Mtext with wrong LineSpacingFactor are not saved to dwg
Bug : 70001816 XREF PDF files are not saved to DWG format
Bug : 70001830 Error exporting Splines with zero vertexes in dwg dxf format
Bug : 70001833 vdLeader is not exported properly in DWG


Bug : 70001829 DXF export is not valid
Bug : 70001832 vdLeader object with no Mtext Hook is not exported properly in DXF


Bug : 70001860 Error exporting fitting Spline to Dgn file format
Bug : 70001864 PolyHatches with Extrusion Vector are not save properly in dgn file format
Bug : 70001865 FillColor of hatches is not read properly from dgn file format
Bug : 70001866 Attribute Definitions are not exported to dgn file format


Wish : 70001796 Use vdText and vdMText objects for trimming
Wish : 70001803 Speed up the GetTransformedSelectedObjects
Wish : 70001804 Wish to the properties list when multiple figures are selected
Wish : 70001805 I wish to get the Tangent Vector at a point of a vdCurve
Wish : 70001447 Support LAS and LAZ laser point cloud data formats
Wish : 70001822 further improve properties list visual
Wish : 70001823 Hatches to not overlap texts
Wish : 70001843 Set of vdAttrib TextString does not change the ValueString property
Wish : 70001856 cmdDistance to return a value and not display a message box
Wish : 70001857 CmdScale command to have reference scale input
Bug : 70001798 Polar track is not working properly with nearest Osnaps
Bug : 70001799 Dimension with refrence objects cannot be added to block with cmdMakeBlock
Bug : 70001802 In IFC drawing points dialog shows a lot of cross points
Bug : 70001806 Error converting specific drawing to and from DWG DXF
Bug : 70001809 FadeEffect is not working properly in 3d render mode
Bug : 70001810 EdgeEffect of DashedLine does not work in Perspective mode
Bug : 70001811 Text with Jewish texts are not exported properly in PDF
Bug : 70001814 Attribute text in blocks are visible on layers set to off
Bug : 70001815 vdInsert with attributes containing escaped backslash cause the text to move up
Bug : 70001817 Error saving to vdml vdcl with vdLayerGroup objects
Bug : 70001821 Offset is not working properly in specific polyline
Bug : 70001824 GetModel2DProjection results are not correct in latest versions
Bug : 70001827 File is not exported properly in DXF
Bug : 70001828 cmdPolyline fails when I try to draw a polyline like a circle
Bug : 70001831 MultiView layout dialog issue
Bug : 70001837 vdSectionClips together not hiding tooltips and selection highlight
Bug : 70001838 vdMultilineStyleElements Sort throws an exception
Bug : 70001839 cmdMirror issue with vdLeader object
Bug : 70001842 An exception is thrown when mouse over the screen block icon
Bug : 70001845 vdInsert with entities on Layer Off has wrong Bounding box
Bug : 70001852 The origin point of the user DynamicRotation action is not always right selected
Bug : 70001853 part of the drawing is not visible in some special cases in 3d render modes
Bug : 70001854 DXF with weird linetype name is not saved correctly
Bug : 70001858 Extension object snap is not working properly
Bug : 70001861 Some lines widths are not drawn correctly
Bug : 70001862 Character hex A0 is not displayed properly with TrueType fonts
Bug : 70001863 When you click on the cube to change the view, it is changing the scaling of the selected w
Bug : 70001867 CmdScale throws an exception for vdDimension with ReferenceObj
Bug : 70001868 Scale of vdPolyline with Widths does not write Widths property to Undo History
Bug : 70001870 DXF SPLINE is not opened correctly
Bug : 70001871 Volume issue
Bug : 70001873 vdPolyline Union improvements
Bug : 70001877 Polylines with start and end width issue